Use this email template to get your boss to make a New Year’s resolution for the planet

Help your boss help the planet in 2022 with this emissions-slashing email template.

Lucy Piper
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At this time of year, we tend to get a little misty-eyed about the preceding 12 months. We look back on what we did and who we were, and we vow to be different, to be better, to do more… and to maybe run a marathon or something.

But who needs a marathon when you could save the world, right?

The way we see it, this time of reflection and self-improvement is the perfect time to drop your CEO a perfectly-worded note about how much it would mean to you – and all of the staff at [insert company name here] – if the company were to take some tangible climate action next year.

But we know that finding the right words (and the time) to send such an email can be difficult. So behold: your very own (customisable!) New Year’s Climate Action Email Template (we’ll think of a snappier name next year, promise).

BUT WAIT! Before you do, we recommend circulating a one-question survey (use Google Forms or Survey Monkey) to all staff that simply asks the question: Do you believe [insert company name here] should be taking more tangible climate action in 2022 and beyond?

Once you’ve gathered enough responses, you can use this as helpful data to support your email. Now all you need to do is copy, paste, and fill in the blanks:

New Year’s Climate Action Email Template

Subject line options:
Let’s make 2022 the year we take a stand
Allow me to speak completely out of turn
Three steps to help us save the planet in 2022

"Dear [insert CEO’s name here],

Happy New Year to you! I know this is a time of year when we all make resolutions and promises about how we’re going to be better next year, so I wanted to take this opportunity to suggest a couple of resolutions for [insert company name here] (if I may be so bold!).

I know we haven’t had all that much to do with each other, so I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a note. I wouldn’t do it if this wasn’t important to me. And let me tell you: this is very important to me. I think it’s pretty important to you, too.

There’s no disputing that the climate crisis is the issue of our time, and I believe that if we aren’t actively working to combat it, then we are complicit in it.  

But while all the media headlines focus on doom and gloom (to be fair, there is much to be doomy and gloomy about), I think there’s an incredible opportunity here: one in which we can transform our businesses, workplaces and societies to work more harmoniously with the planet.

I don’t know about you, [name], but I think that’s pretty exciting.

Even though we don’t work directly in the ‘climate’ or ‘sustainability’ sector, I am a huge believer in the power of business as a force for good in the world. And I think [insert company name here] could be a leader when it comes to taking tangible climate action.

In fact, I actually polled the entire company, and a massive [INSERT PERCENTAGE FROM POLL HERE] % of employees of [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] think we could be taking more tangible climate action in 2022 and beyond too.

So, you know… how about it?

I know many of these conversations are likely already happening beyond the day-to-day of my role, but I just wanted to put forward three things that I believe we should commit to working on in 2022 and beyond:

1. Switching to 100% renewable energy. If 260 companies around the world (including Bank Australia, Coles and Woolies) can do it – so can we. Even NBN is getting in on the action. It’s a no-brainer: it won’t affect operations, can save us money, and will be an excellent PR story to boot. WorkForClimate has some brilliant resources that can help organisations make the switch.

2. Moving our default banking/superannuation to banks and super funds that don’t invest in fossil fuels. FutureSuper, Australian Ethical, Beyond Bank, Bank Australia – there are plenty of options out there now that haven’t just divested from fossil fuel-supporting practices, but actively dedicate resources and profit for the benefit of people and planet. I reckon they’d make pretty good partners for [INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE].

3. Engaging staff. I know #1 and #2 will take a little work, but one thing we can do right now is to develop and facilitate more company-wide conversations about the climate crisis and how we can seek to have more of a positive impact at work. Whether this is bringing in guest speakers, offering incentives for ‘green’ actions (eg. cycling to work, working remotely), or starting a weekly/monthly climate club – the best ideas and resources we have for doing this work effectively are already here. All we need to do is get them in the same room and let the magic happen.

I believe that the organisations who act first and take a stance on these issues will be the ones that will stand the test of time.

If you need any more persuading, check out these excellent resources:

– How your company will benefit from switching to 100% renewable energy
– How investments impact climate change
– Meet the engineer who switched his entire firm to renewable energy

I’d love to talk to you more about this – could we set aside some time to talk in January?  

Thanks so much for your time, and talk soon.


[Insert your name here]."

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