Every business needs to move to a fossil-free future. And if you WorkForClimate, yours will move 10x faster. 

As an individual employee, you have the power to make a difference. WorkForClimate gives you the strategies, the skills and the frameworks to organise the smartest changemakers in your company to achieve a 10 year climate goal in 12 months.

Our Focus

Shift your organisation’s investments
Investments have a direct impact on the future of our climate. Ensuring that your company’s investments, such as your default Super fund, are climate friendly is one of the highest impact changes you can make.
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Energy use is the single biggest lever companies have to address climate change. Has your company switched to renewable energy?
Adapt your organisation’s energy use
Energy use is the single biggest contributor to damaging greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in Australia. Make sure your company’s electricity and energy use is making a safer planet for us all.
Reposition your organisation's influence
Companies have an enormous power to influence individual behaviour, business and government policy. What companies say publicly and behind closed doors has real impact.
Increase your organisation's impact
Every company is unique and will have its own powerful path to benefiting the planet and everything on it. Start exploring what your company and your industry can be doing to reduce climate change.

WorkForClimate helps you:

Pick the right climate goal for you and your organisation. All of our goals focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, directly or indirectly through mechanisms like investment.

Accomplish the goal through a structured, six step approach in the Playbook.

Make a strong case for why the change is good for the climate and for your organisation. We help you work with the system, not against it.

Connect with others who can help, including others at your company, expert mentors, and the WorkForClimate team if you get stuck.

Leaders from Australia and around the world are looking for employees to drive action on climate change.

Mike Cannon-Brookes
Humanity faces a climate change emergency. It’s a crisis that demands leadership and action. But we can’t rely on governments alone. Sadly, in Australia, we can’t rely on them at all. Businesses and individuals must also play their part and this responsibility is even more urgent when governments fail.

Mike Cannon-Brookes

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian

Neha Palmer, Energy Czar, Google
While at Google we've had it easy because our renewable energy program has been inspired and insisted on by our leadership, I've met so many examples of people who have driven change in their organisations to adopt renewable energy or make other critical changes in their approach to sustainability.

Neha Palmer

Energy Czar, Google

Simon Sheikh, Founder, Future Super
Companies and professionals can have an incredible impact on climate change. It’s one of the main reasons we started Future Super: to give corporations and super fund members an option to make a difference. And there are many more ways that professionals can use their leadership to make a difference for the climate.

Simon Sheikh

Founder, Future Super

Ella Grimshaw
Not only did we feel it was the right thing to do—we all play a part in anthropogenic climate change—but unregulated businesses need to help close the gap between the emission reductions promised by governments and what scientists predict is necessary to stabilize climate change.

Ella Grimshaw

Chief of Staff, Stripe

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