What is WorkForClimate?

WorkForClimate is a collection of professionals who believe that climate change is the biggest threat we face as a society and are taking action at our workplaces to solve it.

Our mission is to help businesses accelerate their transition away from fossil fuels by setting and achieving ambitious targets. Using the methodologies of the most successful and disruptive start-ups, we get corporations where they need to be, faster.

Specifically, this means:

  • Goals: What you and your organisation can achieve
  • Guides: A step-by-step approach on how to reach each goal
  • Resources: Information, presentations, and data that you can use in your organisation to demonstrate the benefits of each goal
  • Connections: Access and introductions to experts who can help you and your organisation make changes 
  • Community: Connection to professionals in other organisations who are working on similar goals

Who are we?​

We're a team of technologists, marketers, designers, and corporate leaders who believe that corporations have the power to dramatically impact climate change. We've created WorkForClimate because so many of us are asking "What can I do?". We are proud of our careers, our colleagues, and our organisations, yet we know we can and must do better.

Using the same skills we use in our jobs – proposing new initiatives, working collaboratively with leaders at every level, influencing stakeholders and gaining buy-in from teams – we believe that you don’t need to take a decade to make significant change.

Join us and help your business fix the future faster.

About the founder

In my eight years helping build Atlassian into a global tech leader, I saw how the power of teams — even inside a public company with thousands of employees — can make a huge difference. I saw hundreds of team members at all levels in the organisation who wanted to make a positive difference not just to their firm, but to the world at large.

After seeing the impacts of climate change around the world, I decided to spend the next chapter of my life focused on climate change. I believe that companies can play a huge role in making a difference to climate change: thinking strategically about the future and making the changes necessary to lead.

Bryan J. Rollins

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