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What is WorkForClimate?

WorkForClimate’s mission is to help businesses achieve their climate and sustainability goals faster, by providing individual employees with the inspiration, tools and community to drive ambitious initiatives.

As governments around the world commit to net zero emissions, businesses need to rapidly transition their operations to mitigate climate risk. These changes are complex, and most corporations do not yet have the internal resources required to manage the process.

Using the methodologies of the most disruptive and innovative start-ups, the WorkForClimate resources guide you through each step of the simple (but significant) climate initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

Who is behind WorkForClimate?

We’re a collection of corporate leaders, technologists, marketers and creatives who believe that the corporate sector has the power to dramatically and positively  impact climate change. By leveraging the skills that we use in our day jobs –proposing new initiatives, building business cases, working collaboratively with leaders at every level, influencing stakeholders and gaining buy-in from teams –we want to help every professional drive powerful changes at work.

Profile picture of Bryan J.Rollins

Bryan J.Rollins

Founding the WorkForClimate initiative kickstarted Bryan's transition into climate tech, and is one of a number of climate focused programmes to which he is currently dedicating his leadership experience.

Profile picture of Lucy Piper

Lucy Piper

After a decade in the corporate sector, working within a climate progressive business, Lucy wants to help more corporations around the world decarbonise, faster.

Profile picture of John Wetenhall
Product Manager

John Wetenhall

John leads our product development. He's previously built products at Atlassian and early stage start ups.

Black and white photo of Amy Foyster
Head of Content

Amy Foyster

Amy has spent the last decade working as a content creator across a number of fields, including travel, health and education. She's passionate about using the power of storytelling to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking and ideas they haven’t considered before.

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