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WorkforClimate’s mission is to help you 10x your climate impact, by showing you how to deliver the most significant decarbonisation initiatives within your corporation.

If you care about the climate, you're probably already doing what you can to reduce your impact. But we know that it's going to take systemic change to transform the way we live and transition to a renewable energy, zero emissions future. So how do we connect our actions as individuals to this systems shift that needs to happen? What if you could apply the same changes you make in your own life, to the company you work for?

Imagine that instead of just switching your own electricity to Greenpower, you could convince your corporation to switch their entire operations to 100% renewable energy? You just shifted the system, congratulations!

WorkforClimate gives you clear, step-by-step playbooks that help you influence and accelerate your company's decarbonisation initiatives. You'll have access to the tools, support and community that will help you become an effective change-maker inside your corporation. So sign up today for free and learn how you can amplify your impact.

“In my eight years helping build Atlassian into a global tech leader, I saw how the power of teams – even inside a public company with thousands of employees – can make a huge difference.
"After seeing the impacts of climate change around the world, I decided to spend the next chapter of my life focused on climate change. I believe that companies can play a huge role in making a difference to climate change: thinking strategically about the future and making the changes necessary to lead.”

Bryan j. Rollins


Who's behind WorkforClimate?

We’re a collection of corporate leaders, technologists, marketers and creatives who believe that the corporate sector has the power to dramatically and positively  impact climate change. By leveraging the skills that we use in our day jobs – proposing new initiatives, building business cases, working collaboratively with leaders at every level, influencing stakeholders and gaining buy-in from teams –we want to help every professional drive powerful changes at work. WorkforClimate is being incubated with support from the Sunrise Project.

Bryan J.Rollins
Founding the WorkforClimate initiative kickstarted Bryan's transition into climate tech, and is one of a number of climate focused programmes to which he is currently dedicating his leadership experience.
Lucy Piper
After a decade in the corporate sector, working within a climate progressive business, Lucy wants to help build the climate movement inside the corporate sector and get more businesses around the world to decarbonise, faster.
Laure Legros
Head of Experience
Laure heads up the development of the WorkforClimate programs and employee resources. Her background is in digital and tech, but she recently decided to switch her focus to solving the climate crisis.
Lydia Hascott
Strategy & Program Development Consultant
Lydia is an independent consultant specialising in designing and delivering immersive leadership and systems change strategies. As our Strategy & Program Development Consultant, she has been pivotal in developing our Academy and Fellowship course design and implementation.
Cameron Elliott
Community Growth Lead
Cameron leads the community building and Academy impact measurement and evaluation at WorkforClimate. Passionate about building communities of practice both online and offline, Cameron brings over a decade of experience in this space to the team.
Usman Mohammed
Europe and North America Director
Usman researches industries to find the big, shared and impactful climate wins, then works with companies and employees to help catalyse action. Right now, he's working on the banking industry in the UK and North America.
David Pinsky
U.S. Director
David leverages a decade of corporate advocacy experience, building partnerships with global brands to advance their triple bottom line. Currently, he partners with employees and corporate leaders to advance climate safe retirement plans.
Maren Costa
U.S. Advisor
Maren comes from over 20 years at several big tech companies where she organized with her colleagues to bring about change, and came to understand the power of worker solidarity. Currently, she partners with tech employees to advance climate safe retirement plans.
Lisa Guraya
Priority Industries Lead
Lisa works with corporate stakeholders to equip them with the resources needed to advance sustainability throughout their industry. Her work focuses on key industry supply chains with the most potential to drive global emissions reductions, such as automotive, tech, and fashion supply chains.

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