Check out what some of our past and present WorkforClimate Academy members have to say about the program.

Keith MacGregor
Operational Excellence Consultant, Builthink Consultants

Work for Climate cohort has been a great learning tool. Their approach to green topics, content and expertise is relevant and evolving. The mind share and exposure you get from working as a group and meeting regularly to discuss the current module topics and real life hurdles your fellow cohorts are experiencing, is invaluable and so important. My only "con" for this is that I strongly believe it would have an even greater impact if held over 6 weeks instead of 12. Yes we all have other things going on in our lives and time truly is a commodity, but the content load is not so great of a burden.

Lisa Gaupset
Owner, MILJØ Concept

The Work for Climate course is proving to be an invaluable resource, not only for educating myself on the climate issue we are ALL facing but also giving me real skills to help me to implement change within my organisation. I highly recommend this course to EVERYONE, no matter what field you work in, the lessons I am learning are essential for all of us if we are going to turn the tide on the climate crisis. Thank you to all involved!

Holly McQueen
Environmental Impact Officer, Verdecon

Speaking with Laure & Lucy really gave me confidence that I do know a thing or two and I am having an impact even though it always feels like it's not enough. Hearing from other climate intrapreneurs from some big companies was very reassuring. It enables me to feel comfortable reaching out and sharing/asking questions. The people in this space are truly the best teammates even if we are far and wide. The course content helped me identify high impact areas and key levers to accelerate our transition.

Seán Marsh
Ethical Business Designer & Strategist

This course left me with three invaluable gifts: a humbling wake up call on the science and logistics of renewable energy, an insight into how many people are dedicated to climate action and the tools needed to influence lasting change. If you're looking for a way to maximise your climate action, this is it!

Laura Wilson
Strategy & Sustainability Manager, Specialized

I'd love to do this all day every day. The discussion forums feel very welcoming and the team are responsive and encouraging. I wish everyone could do the course because it empowers and arms you for action. As a minimum, the Energy Awareness module is a must for everyone in every business. Thank you WorkForClimate - what an inspiring course.