5 things to expect from our new online WorkforClimate Academy

The wait is over! WorkforClimate’s new online Academy is finally here. We’re now taking enrolments for this in-depth, on-demand, corporate climate course. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect.

Lucy Piper
May 2, 2023
4 min read

The WorkforClimate Academy is basically a crash course in corporate climate action. An infrastructure for change. It’s made up of six on-demand video learning modules, created by experts and designed to be watched at your own pace. There are also monthly Live Chats.

It took us quite a while to research and build this one. We wanted it to be as thorough and practical as possible. As such, it’s chock full of specialised corporate climate knowledge, targeted leadership guidance and actionable advice, aimed at regular employees who want to make a difference (that’s you).

Think of it as the next step on your climate journey. It not only teaches you the what and the why of corporate climate action – it also teaches you the how. How to actually identify and implement the changes that will make a difference. How to influence key decision makers to push climate action up the corporate ladder. How to take the first steps towards the rapid decarbonisation the planet demands.

Here are five things you can expect from the Academy.

The state of play

The course kicks off with a comprehensive analysis of the current state of corporate climate action in Australia, along with the role organisations play and the key things they can do to affect change. This will help you get your bearings – climate news moves pretty fast! – and spot the opportunities for your own company.

Have you done a carbon audit yet? Do you know what Scope X emissions are? How about financed emissions? We’ll walk you through the (often murky) world of climate politics, policy and technology, with the ultimate goal of using this knowledge to kickstart climate action in your workplace.

Essential leadership guidance

As well as boosting your corporate climate literacy – the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of corporate climate action – the course also includes guidance on the ‘how’. That is, how you inspire and influence key players within your organisation to get on board and make the changes that matter. This leadership content will build your confidence and core skills around the art of persuasion, which is useful for the climate cause and, frankly, for plenty of other professional challenges you may come across in your career.

The lesser-known contributors to corporate emissions

Many people understand the basics of corporate decarbonisation – things like switching to renewable energy and minimising high-emissions business travel are obvious places to start. But there are other contributors to corporate climate change that don’t get talked about much. For example, money. In the Academy, we’ve dedicated an entire module to corporate cash and financed emissions. The idea is to give you a clear picture of how fossil fuel projects get financed, where that money comes from (you might be unpleasantly surprised) and how you can track your own company’s investments and financial supply chain.

Money is the dark side of climate change, but it’s also a huge opportunity. We’ll show you how critical asks like changing or putting pressure on your default super fund, your bank and your suppliers can have a huge impact – often way beyond your organisation’s direct emissions.

Approachable expert advice

Not everyone has the time or capacity to become a climate expert. After all, there’s a lot out there to learn, and the science and politics behind everything can get kind of intense. So we’ve structured these lessons in such a way that anyone can follow them. Each module has been carefully designed, written and built by experts in the corporate climate space to be understandable and – most of all – actionable. You can go in as the leader of your company’s Green Team, or just a climate-curious by-stander with zero prior knowledge. It doesn’t matter! The Academy will help every employee, no matter where they are on their climate journey.

A friendly community

If you take one lesson away from the Academy, let it be this: you’re not alone! There are countless employees out there who care about climate change and share your concerns about corporate action. That’s kind of the whole point of WorkforClimate. We’ve got a much better chance of changing this stuff if we work together. That goes for companies, industries and the whole world!

As part of the Academy, you’re free to join our Disco server, where like-minded professionals can chat, share tips and progress, ask questions and organise events. It’s a great community, and it helps ease that crippling climate anxiety (trust us).

The Academy also includes two live, monthly learning labs, where you can build connections and network with other climate-conscious professionals.

Course Information

Duration: You can complete the course at your own pace. There is no set timeline, but we suggest taking it across six weeks – roughly two hours per week – to absorb all the content. 

Cost: AU$599. We’ve also got tips and templates to help you secure course funding from your organisation.

Dates: Enrol any time. There are no cut-off dates. 

FAQs: You can read all our course FAQs here.

Ready to level up your climate impact at work? Enrol today in our new online WorkforClimate Academy

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