Are corporate climate pledges a false promise?

It's been a big week of climate news. Here's a wrap-up of what's happening – in three minutes or less.

The WfC Editors
October 27, 2022
3 min read
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Welcome to this week's edition of WorkforClimate Weekly – a bite-sized wrap-up of what’s been going on in the world, plus some tips/hacks/actions you can take yourself.

We’re back on board after last week’s Purpose conference – it was an insightful, inspiring and (extremely) social couple of days. More on that in a minute. It’s also been a big week in news, with the Victorian government leading the charge on the shift to renewables. Let’s jump straight in.  

News wrap 🗞️

Hear that? That’s a round of applause for the Victorian Government for their recent commitment to setting a 95% renewable energy target by 2035. 

Global bank HSBC has received a fresh blow from the UK advertising watchdog after making misleading claims about their green credentials. The bank’s latest campaign has been banned, and they’ve been told they need to disclose their contribution to the climate crisis. 

Finance will be a key topic at this year’s COP27 summit, so what does it mean that some of the biggest names in global finance are reportedly skipping it

When it comes to corporate climate pledges, ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon neutral’ usually top the list. One sustainability expert explains why it’s (usually) all a false promise.

Take action 🎬

Last week we challenged you to start climate conversations with your colleagues. This week, it’s time to kick things up a notch – yup, it’s time to talk climate with your boss. I’ve written this piece about getting the higher ups in your workplace to take climate action seriously.

If you’ve had a chat with your boss recently about climate action, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know how it went. 

Staff stories 👀

Our very own Laure Legros has just won the sustainability category in Le Courrier Australien’s  French of the Year awards for her work raising climate literacy in Australia. Excellent work Laure!

When Laure’s not accepting awards, she’s hosting panels at conferences like Purpose. Last week, Laure chatted with business leaders from Ben & Jerry’s, Groundswell Giving and Comms Declare about innovation in climate action, while I had the pleasure of facilitating a discussion with legends from Patagonia (including Instagram sensation Sean Doherty), Heaps Normal, and The Guardian about the power of purpose in brand. We learned so much, and can't wait to be back next year.

Photos by Elin Bandmann.

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