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Want to turn your day job into a climate job? Join our Learning Community and connect with other private sector employees working to make a difference on climate.

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Why join us?

Our Learning Community is made up of climate-concerned private-sector employees serious about influencing their organisation to take meaningful climate action. Together we can create real impact.

Find your people

Connect with and learn from climate-concerned employees like you via discussion boards and live events hosted in our online platform.

Develop your plan

Access free guides, courses, events and other learning resources that help you develop a plan to transform your company from the inside out.

Grow your impact

Develop the leadership skills and mindset needed to implement your plan and increase your climate impact.

Align with your values

Learn how to work for a cause that matters to you without quitting your day job.

Stay the course

Build your stamina and resilience for the difficult but critical work of helping your company become a climate leader.

Membership criteria

We know private sector employees face very specific challenges in working for climate action inside their organisations so we've tailored our Learning Community specifically for you.

You are invited to join the Learning Community if you are:

an employee

in a for-profit business

with 50 or more staff

interested in, or actively playing a role in, influencing your business to take meaningful action on climate change

2 people looking at a laptop

Don’t quite meet the criteria?

If you don't meet these criteria there are plenty of other ways to be part of the movement for climate action in the workplace. We've compiled a list of actions you can take and links to other resources to support you on your journey.

Join our Learning Community

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