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Want to make climate action your day job, without quitting your day job? Meet other employees who want to make a difference on climate when you join our community.

Why join our community?

Our community over on Disco is made up of climate-concerned professionals and sustainability experts who are serious about making an impact, fast. Together, we can create meaningful change in the corporate sector.


By using the learnings of other professionals in the community and sharing your own, we can work together to accelerate the entire corporate sector away from fossil fuels faster.

Industry experts

As well as connecting with other professionals like you, you’ll have access to industry experts across a range of topics, from climate science to business influence.

Goal focused

We can help you set goals for your corporation, such as switching to 100% renewable energy, and then support your progress in achieving them.


Being a change-agent can feel like lonely work sometimes! That’s why it’s great to share your journey with a community of people going through similar challenges.

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What to expect

Our community now operates via Disco, a platform bringing together both community and learning.

Like Slack, it’s free and will be home to both the WorkforClimate Community and our WorkforClimate Academy course.

We will host community events there, and you will find all of our resources (playbooks, guides, case studies).  

Our values

As part of our community, we ask that you follow a few basic rules of engagement. We are:


We respect that everyone is at a different point on their climate journey, and we bring our best intentions to this work.


We keep our minds open, and acknowledge that solutions can come from anywhere and anyone at any time.


Climate work can be heavy, and we strive to put the wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues first at all times.


Though the problems we're facing are serious, bringing a sense of playful curiosity to this work can help unlock new ideas, tools and solutions.


We're tolerant of new ideas and perspectives. We acknowledge that very little of this work is black and white, and that progress will often involve navigating the grey.


We strive to provide encouragement and positive affirmation to fellow community members, and acknowledge their commitment to this work.

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