Shift your organisation’s investments

How will shifting investments have an impact?

A lot of professionals have moved their personal banking away from banks that support climate polluting projects, have moved to an ethical superannuation fund that won't invest in fossil fuel companies, and are shifting their personal portfolio. 

Ensuring that your company’s investments are climate friendly can have a much, much bigger impact. 

Changing your super fund can save more carbon emissions than recycling, going vegan or not driving your car combined. Imagine the impact of everyone at your company changing their super to one that is climate friendly!

This can have multiple positive impacts; removing funding for organisations that are generating the bulk of emission, and providing support for development of renewable energy. The kicker - Superannuation funds with responsible investment are outperforming the rest of the pack.

What are some of the things my company can do?

  1. All companies have an employer nominated super fund. Work with your Human Resources / Benefits team to shift to a RIAA certified super fund, which doesn't invest in fossil fuels.
  2. If your organisation is in financial services, then how your company invests can have an oversized impact.

How will WorkForClimate help me?

  • We've created guides on how you can best make an impact, like one for switching your superannuation fund. 
  • We have case studies showing how other organisations have successfully made similar changes
  • We can provide connections to relevant experts, industry groups, and peers working on similar challenges
  • Need help? We're here. Just ask support once you've registered!

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