Workplace climate action, made simple. 

Courses, tools and community for employees seeking to amplify climate impact at work. No matter where you work.

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Why Now?

Corporations are critical to climate

They have the power to rapidly reduce emissions, and can mobilise significant resources. They also define the political space for climate policy around the world.

Employees want action on climate

Multiple studies* state that climate change is the highest concern for Millenial and GenZ employees, and they want to contribute to action at work. (Deloitte Global 2021 Survey)

Every business needs to move

As the world strives to meet the net zero targets outlined in the Paris Agreement, regulation will force corporations to move faster on climate.

Why You?

Leverage your experience

Utilise your existing professional skills and apply them to your company’s climate transformation – no matter your current job title or position.

Become empowered to lead

Harness your passion and dedication to implementing climate solutions – you have the skills, experience, and you’re prepared to act. Give yourself permission to lead change.

We need translators, not experts

The world has enough experts. You just need to learn enough to become a translator - the people who can bridge the gap between information and action.

Why Us?

Climate education with a difference

We don’t just teach the what and the why, we show you how to lead change in your company through a unique curriculum that combines technical knowledge with leadership.

We make climate action simple

Our focused commitments give you a blueprint that closes the gap between information and action, so you can be sure you are focusing your efforts on the most impactful goals.

Ongoing support and community

We’re here for the long haul. Once you’ve joined the WorkforClimate community, you’ll have ongoing access to all of our coaches and community members.

How to
Take Action

Get in touch with the team to find out more about how you can transform your workplace.

View our Playbooks

WorkforClimate gives you clear, step-by-step playbooks that help accelerate your company's decarbonisation initiatives. You'll have access to the tools and support that have created a growing community of change-makers inside corporations.

Take a Course

We provide resources and community building opportunities within our course programs. We also give you access to leading experts in both climate and organisational change, helping you develop the necessary climate leadership skills required for the future.

Join our Online Community

At WorkforClimate, we discuss, learn and take climate action together. We would love for you to join our Disco community.

Our Experts

We’re a collection of corporate leaders, technologists, marketers and creatives who believe that the corporate sector has the power to dramatically and positively  impact climate change.

Bryan J.Rollins
Founding the WorkforClimate initiative kickstarted Bryan's transition into climate tech, and is one of a number of climate focused programmes to which he is currently dedicating his leadership experience.
Lucy Piper
After a decade in the corporate sector, working within a climate progressive business, Lucy wants to help build the climate movement inside the corporate sector and get more businesses around the world to decarbonise, faster.
Laure Legros
Head of Experience
Laure heads up the development of the WorkFfrClimate programs and employee resources. Her background is in digital and tech, but she recently decided to switch her focus to solving the climate crisis.
Lydia Hascott
Strategy & Program Development Consultant
Lydia is an independent consultant specialising in designing and delivering immersive leadership and systems change strategies. As our Strategy & Program Development Consultant, she has been pivotal in developing our Academy and Fellowship course design and implementation.
“In my eight years helping build Atlassian into a global tech leader, I saw how the power of teams – even inside a public company with thousands of employees – can make a huge difference.
I believe that companies can play a huge role in making a difference to climate change: thinking strategically about the future and making the changes necessary to lead.”

Bryan j. Rollins


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