Join our October 2021 Renewable Energy Cohort

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Want to help your company do something significant to address climate change this year? Gain the skills to help your business commit to sourcing 100% of its power from renewable energy sources.

One of the biggest levers we have to address climate change is altering how we generate and use electricity. Switching to renewable energy is the best way to make a meaningful impact without having to alter your business’ operations.

When: 8 sessions over 10 weeks, beginning on October 6
Where: Delivered online via Zoom
Cost: Free

Registrations are now closed, but please register for our waitlist to be the first to hear about future Cohort programs.

Why join our Renewable Energy Cohort?

After completing this program, you’ll understand where your corporation currently sources its energy from, what your options are for switching to 100% renewable energy, and how to present the case for change to your corporate leadership.

You’ll gain foundational knowledge of the topic and learn new frameworks will guide you in building and presenting the case for change. You will discover a step-by-step method for building your business case, with expert insights and specific examples as inspiration, along with the community and accountability that goes hand-in-hand with cohort-style learning.

Our interactive workshops are designed to help you identify opportunities specific to your own company, and empower you to feel capable and confident at leading this initiative.  And you’ll get the support of WorkForClimate coaches and industry experts who will help you become an agent of change within your organisation.

What to expect

This Cohort program runs over 10 weeks, and includes a mix of eight live Zoom sessions, where you’ll learn from climate and business experts, group exercises and discussions, as well as solo research outside of the live sessions.

By the end of this program you'll be able to:

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Identify the reasons why your company should switch to renewables.
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Summarise your company’s energy data and translate insights into a comprehensive business case.
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Demonstrate to corporate leadership the business + social benefits of switching.
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Connect your company’s energy transition to broader long term business goals.
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Evaluate your corporation’s progress on renewable energy against the competitive landscape.
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Create the foundational framework to prepare your corporation for a zero emissions future economy.

This Cohort includes:

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A step-by-step Playbook to work through.
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Feedback from experts and from Cohort peers.
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Weekly homework and milestones to help you stay accountable.
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Who is this Cohort for?

Change agents: You are an influencer within your organisation. You have led initiatives in the past and know how to get buy-in across all levels of your company to get a project off the ground. You are passionate about solving the climate crisis. You are not a subject matter expert, but that’s why we’re here to help. You know how to drive change, and you’re prepared to step-up and help your company do more. At WorkForClimate, we refer to you as ‘Climate Intrapreneurs’.

Sustainability professionals: You are a subject matter expert, and will bring valuable experience to our Cohort that you can share with your peers. You’ve got mandated sustainability targets for your company, but you know that time is running out and we need to make changes faster, so you want to learn how to maximise your influence and build a business case for accelerated timelines on sustainability initiatives.

What you'll learn

Over eight sessions, we will cover the following topics:

1. Climate change and business: We’ll orient you to the latest science and how it relates to business, using frameworks that distill and translate the critical information.
2. Why renewable energy will future proof your business: You’ll learn about what it actually means to procure 100% renewable energy, and how it benefits your business (and society!) in the long term.
3. Evaluate your company’s energy use and needs: You’ll research where your business currently procures its energy from, how much energy it requires, and assess opportunities for energy use reduction .
4. Discover ways to source renewable energy: You’ll compare the different options available for renewable energy procurement, and decide which path to recommend for your business case.
5. Construct a business case for change: You’ll develop your own business case specific to your organisation that lays out the benefits of switching to renewable energy.
6. Build influence and communicate your case for change: You’ll learn how to build internal support for your business case before it’s presented, map the key stakeholders within your company, and role-play your pitch to get feedback from your peers to refine and iterate.

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