Help your corporation invest in a cleaner future

The financial institutions your company invests in and banks with have a much bigger impact on climate change than you might realise.

Help your workplace switch to an ethical superannuation fund and investments.

You may have already personally switched to an ethical bank or superannuation fund, and encouraging your employer to do the same is a way to increase your impact even more.

Financial institutions hold immense power when it comes to funding fossil fuel projects like coal mines. Think about it — if a mine can't get funding, it can't go ahead. So, entrusting your company's money to banks and funds who promise not to fund these activities is hugely impactful. You can make encourage your company to switch its default superannuation fund and investments to ethical institutions and achieve benefits for the planet, the business, yourself and future generations.

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Our FREE Playbook is designed to guide you through all the steps required to help your employer switch the company's default super fund to an ethical one. From arming you with the knowledge you can use to persuade key stakeholders, to practical actions you’ll need to take, it contains everything you need to know.

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Looking for that extra level of support? Our online Cohort programs are live workshops for a limited number of dedicated employees, all working towards making the switch to a default super fund. You’ll have the chance to learn from WorkForClimate’s experts and troubleshoot ideas with peers at other corporates to help you fast-track your goal.

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