Reposition your organisation's influence

How will my organisation's influence impact climate change?

Large organisations have a large influence - on their employees, on public opinion, on government policy. What each company says publicly and what influence it exerts can make a huge difference. 

In order to have their voice heard in government, large corporations support industry advocacy groups to have their voice heard in Federal and State Governments. The influence is already there. It's just about what direction and what influence we want to have. 

What are some of the things my company can do?

  1. Bushfires aren't good for business. Drought isn't good for business. Make sure the impact of climate on your organisation are heard by government. 
  2. Announce your company's climate friendly initiatives in the press and media. This provides positive press for your organisation and influences others to follow suit.
  3. If your company already employs lobbying organisations and industry groups, make sure your voice is a positive one for a better future.

How will WorkForClimate help?

  • Guides on the how your organisation can use its influence for positive change
  • Case studies showing how other organisations have used their influence
  • Connections to relevant experts, industry groups, and peers who can advise where your influence can have impact
  • Need help? We're here. Just ask support once you've registered!

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