Adapt your organisation’s energy use

How will shifting energy usage have an impact?

Energy use is the single biggest contribution to emissions in Australia. 

Electricity emissions account for up to 61% of all emissions including transport, flights, staff commuting, waste, etc even for a bank!X Transitioning your company's electricity use to 100% renewables is one of the most effective way to reduce emissions at scale - and can lower your energy costs by 15-47%.X

Make sure your company’s electricity and energy use is coming from the right sources.

What are some of the things my company can do?

  1. Find the team in your company who looks after electricity. Work with them to transition to sourcing 100% of your company's electricity from renewables.
  2. Your business may also have other high energy use areas that you can target directly. For example, your company's transport fleet, heating and cooling systems for your company's buildings, and more. Find out and discuss ways to make this more climate friendly.

Who else has done this?

The RE100 is a global organisation of over 200 large corporations who have committed to source 100% of their energy from renewables, including the largest banks in Australia.

In March 2020, Telstra announced that it will immediately go carbon neutral, and will source 100% of its electricity use from renewables by 2025

How will WorkForClimate help me?

  • Guides on how you can best make an impact, e.g. switching your electricity to renewable sources
  • Case studies on organisations committed to 100% renewable energy
  • Connections to relevant experts, industry groups like the RE100, and peers working on similar challenges
  • Need help? We're here. Reach out for support once you've registered!

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