Jewish Climate Network Facilitated Academy

Jewish Climate Network Facilitated Academy

Climate education with a difference

Exclusive facilitated program
Weekly live workshops
Community of like-minded professionals

The WorkforClimate Academy isn't just a climate education course, it's an infrastructure for action.

Jewish Climate Network have teamed up with WorkforClimate to deliver an exclusive Academy program to our members. We've created this advanced climate leadership program to help you amplify your impact, and lead change within your company.

This program is designed to provide climate education with a difference.

You'll learn the key concepts and skills to accelerate climate transformation within your company – regardless of your role. You don't need any pre-existing knowledge, and you don't need to work in sustainability to take part in this program.

We'll explore the most critical areas for companies to act on climate, and you will come away from the course with an infrastructure for action that will help you make rapid progress on emissions reduction goals.

This is an exclusive Jewish Climate Network facilitated cohort, where you'll have the opportunity to develop deeper connections within this community of practice.

Places are limited. This cohort commences on Tuesday 25th July 2023 and runs for 8 weeks. Enrol today to secure your place or download our guide to find out more.

The curriculum

If would love to help your company take more action on climate, but you have no idea where to start, this course will help you gain knowledge and apply it practically to the most critical areas for business: rapid emissions reduction planning, switching to renewable energy, reduced financed emissions and ethical investing, and advocating for climate.

This WorkforClimate Academy curriculum, facilitated in partnership with the Jewish Climate Network, has been designed to help employees understand the key areas, and apply them internally to accelerate a company's climate transformation.

Who is this course for?

The Academy is designed to educate and empower climate-concerned professionals who are at the start of their climate action at work. If you want to play a role in your company’s climate transformation, but don’t know where to begin or how to take it beyond its current actions, this course will orient you to the most critical areas for impact.

You don’t need to have any technical experience in sustainability to complete this program. All you need to bring is an open and motivated attitude, and a commitment to the journey.


$599.00 (inc. GST)

We strongly encourage and support applicants to seek reimbursement for this course from their professional development budget, and we can help you ask your manager to assist you with this ask. Simply download our guide, and we will send you our template email along with the course brochure. We also encourage all applicants to apply even if the cost is beyond your current means; we strive to provide equal and just access to learning and will do our best to provide scholarships and support where possible. Drop us a line at if you have questions.

Module 1

The first knowledge pillar sets the context of climate and business, and explains the role of corporations in solving the climate crisis. The first leadership module examines the ideas of 'what is mine to do?' and 'who am I as a climate leader?'

Module 2

This knowledge pillar looks at why companies should switch to 100% renewable energy, and how to start this change. The leadership module focuses on collaborating, and how to create a coalition of likeminded climate changemakers inside your company.

Module 3

The knowledge pillar dives deep into emissions reduction, and how to develop an ambitious climate program. The leadership pillar looks at how to use your scope of influence to drive change.

Module 4

We introduce the concept of 'Scope X' emissions, and how companies can drive a rapid transition to a low-carbon world. In the leadership pillar of this module, we explore what it takes to actually implement change inside of organisations.

Module 5

This knowledge pillar explores financed emissions and how businesses can align their investments and corporate cash for a climate-safe future. The leadership pillar explores the concept of leveraging external events to drive internal change.

Module 6

This module dives into lobbying and how to use corporate power to shape policy and drive systemic change. We also examine how your individual work as a climate intrapreneur is linked to systems change.

How can I get buy-in from my company to fund this course?

Your employer will benefit from your participation in this program, and we encourage you to seek funding from your company. To help you provide a summary of the benefits, you can download our guide, which includes the course information brochure to send to your boss, as well as a funding request email template.

Access the guide

What you’ll get from this course:

Climate education with a difference

Exclusive Jewish Climate Network program

Facilitated by expert coaches and mentors

This course left me with three invaluable gifts: a humbling wake up call on the science and logistics of renewable energy, an insight into how many people are dedicated to climate action and the tools needed to influence lasting change. If you're looking for a way to maximise your climate action, this is it!

Seán Marsh

Ethical Business Designer & Strategist

This course left me with three invaluable gifts: a humbling wake up call on the science and logistics of renewable energy, an insight into how many people are dedicated to climate action and the tools needed to influence lasting change. If you're looking for a way to maximise your climate action, this is it!

Seán Marsh

Ethical Business Designer & Strategist

WorkforClimate have created a unique offering for individuals who want to make a difference at work. Without the course I would not have felt equipped to have important conversations with senior leaders at my place of work. Since the course we have swapped our energy provider and set up a community to support future initiatives to improve our environmental impact.
Profile picture of Aimee Mensink

Aimee Mensink

Consultant, Slalom

The speakers are top notch - informative, energising and inspirational. It’s a perfect balance between teaching you the technical side of the renewable transition for a company and developing your skills to influence decision making within your organisation. A huge variety of backgrounds among the community, with knowledge from all industries.
Profile picture of Chloe Davison

Chloe Davison


Frequently asked questions

I’m a sustainability professional. Should I take this course?

As a sustainability specialist or expert, you will be familiar with the technical concepts within the knowledge module, but we are confident that the leadership content will help elevate your capacity to build momentum. The community will also no doubt benefit from your experience, as you may have examples to share that will help the group navigate similar challenges.

How many live sessions will there be?

There is one live session per week, and the course runs for 8 weeks. There will also be some optional in-person meet-ups and events towards the end of the program, so there will be opportunities to connect with the network of participants.

When does this course start?

This cohort starts in July, with the first live session scheduled for Tuesday 25th July 2023. The live sessions are weekly, for a total of 8 weeks.

Do you offer grants?

We encourage you to ask your employer to fund this course. If you cannot access funding from your organisation, we are able to offer need-based discounts and grants; you can email us at

The people behind the WorkforClimate Academy

Profile picture of Laure Legros
Laure Legros
Head of Experience

Laure heads up the development of the WorkForClimate programs and employee resources. Her background is in digital and tech, but she recently decided to switch her focus to solving the climate crisis.

Profile picture of Lucy Piper
Lucy Piper

After a decade in the corporate sector, working within a climate progressive business, Lucy wants to help build the climate movement inside the corporate sector and get more businesses around the world to decarbonise, faster.

Profile picture of Lydia Hascott
Lydia Hascott
Strategy & Program Development Consultant

Lydia is an independent consultant specialising in designing and delivering immersive leadership and systems change strategies. As our Strategy & Program Development Consultant, she has been pivotal in developing our Academy and Fellowship course design and implementation.

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