Join the Spring Renewable Cohort to end 2020 on a high note!

Do you want to help your company do something significant to address climate change by the end of 2020?

What if we told you it would get you some great press and probably save the company money, too?

You can! And we'll help you. 

The biggest lever we have to address climate change is altering how we generate and use electricity. Switching to renewable energy is the best way for your company to make a meaningful impact without having to alter your business' operations.

Join our Spring Renewable Cohort

Apply for our program and we'll help you get your company to, at a minimum, make a pledge to switch to renewable energy. Hopefully, you'll be able to fully make the switch by the end of the year

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You'll get access to:

  • Our Climate Intelligence Playbook, which provides the background knowledge, templates and resources to help you make this change
  • Coaching from the WorkForClimate team around how to tackle key milestones and overcome hurdles
  • Mentoring from sustainability experts and professionals who have led their companies through this change successfully
  • A safe space to connect and share knowledge with peers on the same journey

We're looking for professionals who

  • Want to massively increase their personal impact on climate
  • Know how to make change internally 
  • Aren't afraid of taking on a challenge
  • Want to build their network of professionals who care about making a true impact

Requirements for participants

  • 30-60 minutes of meeting time per fortnight with the cohort
  • Commit to working each week to advance the project internally
  • Sharing your candid feedback with us
  • A positive, can do attitude!


It starts on 2 November and runs through the end of January. It is free to join.

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Questions?  Drop us a note at [email protected]

Want to see how YOU can help your organisation make meaningful change on climate?

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